Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meet Bailey Valentine!

Name: Bailey Valentine
Stature: Short
Ethnicity: You decide. I often see her as <INSERT ETHNICITY HERE!>, but sometimes that changes in my head. I  often purposely omit these details so that you can decide for yourself or see a character you relate with as yourself. I only mention race if it's important to the story somehow, or I have a very clear picture of the character already.
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown (but she just got a hair cut and lightened it a little! It's still brown, but still...)
Known for: Her death glare of doom.
Role in the story: Ellie's older cousin and the hostess of a summer writer's house.

Bailey was one of my favorite characters to write for the webseries, so she's one of the characters I really want to get right in this new format. Right off the bat, you'll see that she and Ellie just DON'T get along, and throughout the story you'll get to see why that is and hopefully understand that Bailey is neither entitled to snub her cousin nor is she entirely wrong in giving Ellie a hard time. Ellie's a tough person to love (although, in my opinion, she's an easy character to love--- fingers crossed!) and Bailey is a tough person, period.

The reason I love Bailey's character so much is because she's not the main character of this story, but in so many ways, it's just as much hers as it is Ellie's. The story is told through Elena's limited, first person perspective, but I have a feeling that if you're anything like me and like trying to see a narrative from different angles and trying to understand the characters until you just can't squeeze meaning out of them anymore, you'll really like Bailey. She's Ellie's opposite in almost every sense of the word, and but one thing they have in common is their stubbornness. If it's a war Ellie wants, it's a war she'll get, in Bailey's mind.

Bailey is strong, quiet, and rational. She's not the kind of person who gets mad for no reason. She's caring and an almost maternal figure who probably thinks she can save the world. But it frustrates her when she can't and as you know, Ellie's kind of given up on herself by the time the story starts.

So that's Ms. Valentine. She's very into close-knit relationships and is lovely to the people she loves. But when she starts to give up on a person, she becomes a bit cold and hardened toward them. It's because of this that  Ellie wants to get as far away from her as possible, but what Ellie doesn't realize is that Bailey sees all of her cousins problems, heartache, and failures as her own. And Ms. I-got-into-Stanford-and-Yale can't really tolerate personal imperfection.

Hope you guys love her as much as I do!

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