Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Week and Counting...

Yay! Today is the reveal of The November Project's real title and STUFF. I know I promised a video but I just remembered you guys have already heard the theme song on Almost (not quite) There. So you don't need to put up with my terrible vocals again. YOU'RE WELCOME.

YA Contemporary Fiction
When seventeen year old Ellie Carter is forced to stay with her cousin, Bailey Valentine, for the summer, she believes that she's finally hit the bottom of the abyss. But when she finds out that Bailey and her team of rag-tag writer friends are trying to enter a script into a Starving Screenwriter contest to win $50,000, she realizes she has to get her act together if she wants to be part of theirs.

Interested in knowing more? Feel free to check out last week's post by clicking here!

Can't wait 'til November to hear more about GOING SOMEWHERE? Check back in tomorrow for Bailey's character profile!

Bugs and hugs,


  1. Yay!!! So exciting! And a teenaged MC? Growing up are we, Deserae?

  2. it sounds awesome. I've been going through a contemporary phase and have been reading a lot it. Sarah Dessen is one of my fave in the genre.